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    I have the Regimental History of the South Lancs - the story of the Regiment during the Great War ... I'd be happy to do look ups !!

    Annie :)
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    Hello L/ool Annie, Unsure if this is the right thread however i am interested in a soldier walter Ball,2404 pvt 1st/5th battalion south lancashire(rifleman) who died 15/05/1915.He is buried in Hazebrouk communal cemetery. I believe from other sources that he rests there maybe as a consequence of recieving fatal wounds at or around the Ypres area and being moved possibly to a clearing/medical field centre where he died.My query would therefore be what action was the 1st/5th within the first two weeks of May 1915 ? Many regards,grandad.
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    Hi Granddad and welcome ! :)

    Please bear with me ... I moved recently and my books are still in boxes !! :p

    But I'll go digging tonight and hopefully will be able to answer your question ! :)

    In Memory of
    Rifleman W BALL

    2404, 5th Bn., South Lancashire Regiment
    who died
    on 05 May 1915

    Remembered with honour

    Did Walter come from St Helens ? .... if you'd like some more information about your soldier give us a few more details and lets see what we can find !

    Annie :)
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    Hello Annie, he was from rainhill, nr st helens. He is remembered upon the war memorial at St Annes Church Rainhill. I know little else really other than he was born 1882/3 a miner and in 1911 lived in Carlton street,prescot. His wifes name was Catherine Ball-nee Turton. Apparently his number was an older one indicating,i believe, territorial service prior to the great war. I had searched ancestry but came up only with CWGC details which are pretty basic-i assume his records were amongst those lost in the blitz.
    Many regards.
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    Hi Granddad !

    Sorry I'm so tardy but I have 23 boxes of books and I'm up to #12 ... trouble is I keep getting sidetracked looking at them instead of putting them straight on the bookshelf !! :rolleyes:

    I think you might have these already but my friend found these ...

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  6. grandad

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    Dear L/Pool Annie: Goodness, i never expected material like this. No i did not have these documents and was quite moved when i saw them. Thank you so much for your quite unexpected response to my question. I have liased with Ste Nulty(prescot roll of honour website) who has most kindly sent several pages of literature relating to the second battle of Ypres,and events during May 1915 which i believe my ggrandfather was involved in. Gradually i am building up a picture of ggrandad,once again thank you for your interest, i remain most gratefull to you. Many regards Dave.
  7. liverpool annie

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    Hi Dave !

    As soon as I saw the word Prescot ... I knew Stephen would probably know something !! :D

    I'm glad the Medal card and the SDGW were new to you ! .... lovely to see stuff like that isn't it ??

    Makes my heart jump when I see such a connection to my soldiers !

    Annie :)
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    I'm Interested in the 'South Lancs ' 1914 Mons to LaBasse period up to the end of October 1914 .
    does any one have a copy of the war diary [if they Exist] . or anything of Interest during that Period . regarding ll Corp 3 rd Division BEF

  10. Rigby44

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    War Diary of South Lancs battalions is held at Kew at National Archives.
  11. groundhugger

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    Thanks Riggers ,
    no chance of going there , so asked on here for any info . thanks
  12. Rigby44

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    Tell me which Battalion ( Dairies are by Battalion) I am going there in September I can look for you.
  13. groundhugger

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    Thanks Rigby
    Anything on the 2 nd Battalion during the period of October. 1914 , would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks John
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    Mons Within three weeks of mobilisation the BEF had concentrated on the Franco-Belgian border and was moving forward, on the left flank of the French armies, to meet the German advance. Near Mons, on 23rd August 1914, the BEF was struck by the full weight of the German offensive. The accurate and disciplined fire of the 2nd South Lancashires, in front of Frameries, took a heavy toll of the massed German infantry, but eventually the battalion was ordered to retire. Though outflanked and outnumbered, the old 82nd withdrew in contact ‘in perfect order as if on parade’.
    Le Cateau The BEF now fell back to conform with their French allies, the South Lancashires fighting another successful rearguard action at Solesmes. Another stand was made at Le Cateau on 26th August, where the 1st East Lancashires made a stubborn defence in front of the village of Ligny and the depleted South Lancashires grimly held their position in the centre of the British line, near Caudry, until both battalions were ordered to break contact and join the general retirement.
    La Bassée From 12th to 29th October 2nd South Lancashires experienced severe fighting and heavy casualties at the Battle of La Bassée, losing seven oficers and over two hundred men on the 21st alone, but despite determined German attacks the battered line never broke.

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