The Only Black Chaplain in the British Empire !!

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    Dr. William Andrew White was born in Virginia in 1874, the son of a Black slave. He went to school in Baltimore and in 1898 he came to Nova Scotia to study divinity at Acadia University. While at Acadia, Dr. White was a star in track and field and rugby. After graduating from Acadia in 1903 he began to do missionary work for about a year around Nova Scotia. During this period Dr. White founded the New Glasgow Second Baptist Church. From there he went to Truro where he preached from 1905-1915. In March of 1916 Dr. White went overseas with the No. 2 Construction Battalion as the only Black Chaplain in the British Empire.

    While overseas, he was called back to Cornwallis Street Baptist Church in Halifax where he remained until his death. Dr. White was the first Black minister to preach the Baptist Convention Sermon in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. One of the most outstanding events in Dr. White's life was the broadcasting of his services from Cornwallis Street Baptist Church once each month all over Canada and part of the United States. In June of 1936 Acadia University honoured him with a Doctorate. Dr. White died in September of that same year.

    Dr. White's funeral was broadcast over Radio Station CHNS in Halifax. The school children of Halifax were given the afternoon off from school the day of the funeral, one of the largest ever held in the city.

    In 1941, Memorial Windows were unveiled in his Church to his memory.

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