The "Murmansk Run"

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  1. I am retired US Navy and now writing "what if?" alternative historical fiction. Are there any Murmansk Run vets among the group - or any US Navy Armed Guard veterans (any mission/destination)? As well, are there any German subscribers who may have had duty on the 'other side of the mirror' regarding convoy interdiction?

    Oldsalt in PA USA
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    Best of luck with your project.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with your project as well.


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    Welcome aboard!
  5. Thanks for the response. It's good to see the Red Ensign once again. Looking forward to a good voyage. Already I am very impressed by the website and am grateful for friendly responses from around the seven seas.


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    Welcome Steve. All the best with the project. Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Welcome to the forum Steve. Which particular area of the service are you interested in? I know a DEMS gunner who ran on the convoys, including PQ17. Also several lads who were on an escort destroyer up and down E-Boat alley.
    I can drag my memory for snippets they've given me if you like. Unfortunately I don;t see them very often but I can try.

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