The men of The 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment

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    On this day 30 years ago i was celebrating the first day after the Argentine surrender at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Today i remember my fallen brothers in arms. These men were part of the sister Battalion to mine, but i knew everyone of these men and was honoured to do so, my best friend being one of them.

    Stevie Hope
    Scott Wilson
    Ian McKay VC
    David Scott
    Chris Lovett
    Alex Shaw
    Craig Jones
    Richard Absolon MM
    James 'Doc' Murdoch
    Tony Greenwood
    Gerald Bull
    Ian Scrivens
    Keith McCarthy
    Jon Crow
    James Burt
    Mark Dodsworth
    Neil Grose
    Peter Hedicker
    Peter Higgs
    Philip West
    Stewart McLaughlan
    Stewart Laing
    Timothy Jenkins

    You'll never be forgotton guys. Lest we forget
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    We will remember them

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