The Last Confederate Soldier

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  1. Classic tale from Southern comedian Lewis Grizzard.

    The best comment on the YouTube page:
    "Abraham Lincoln once asked General (Winfield) Scott the question:
    'Why is it that you were once able to take the City of Mexico in three months with 5,000 men, and we have been unable to take Richmond with 100,000 men?'
    'I will tell you,' said General Scott. 'The men who took us into the City of Mexico are the same men who are keeping us out of Richmond.'"
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    Cracking story. :p love the General Scott quote too. Whatever the moral stance you take on the confederate position in the war, you have to admire their soldiers fighting spirit and their generals audacity and tactical nouse.. I suppose you could say the same about the Germans in WW2. The fact that so much of the souths cavalry tactics are still part of todays military doctrine tells you a lot.
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    Completely true. Many of the men on the Confederate side were terrific strategists, including Robert Lee himself.
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  4. For all the jokes about stupid Southerners, they've always had more of a military mindset than their Yankee counterparts. Yes, they lost the war, but they had the invaders reeling for awhile and were winning much of the first 3 years. The two biggest setbacks for the South were the loss of Stonewall Jackson and the decision to invade the North.

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