"The Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment)"

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    Can any one help me out with the following please? A WW2/ Unit history of there roll in WW2:"The Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment)".
    My Cousin George Stuart from Kimberley in British Columbia in Canada! I also heard he was in the "Commando's" during WW2 as well? so don't if he was in the Canadian or UK Irish Fusiliers/Commando's?? would help a lot if any one who may know could help me Please! George Stuart WW2 Army Days 001 (3).jpg
    He used to be in Boxing as well.:boxing::canada:
    Hope some one can help me Please! he was married with no children and may have died in 1982?

    Thank You. St.Helena

    P.S. I do have a bit better picture of George Stuart! if needed.
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    Hi St Helena,

    Its a pity that the photo does not show him wearing his beret and its not a good photo to see his button badge on his chipbag hat. If the other photo shows him wearing a beret it would give us a chance on getting his Regiment, either that or if he is side on we maybe able to see his unit on by the badges he would be wearing on his sleeve and shoulder. Only way to tell for sure is to get his amry records through either Veterans Affairs in Canada or the UK MOD. I would contact the Veterans Affairs first to see what you have to do to get his records from them, its likely that he was in The Vancouver Regiment unless he came over here and joined up. If the rules are the same as over here for Veterans Affairs you either have to get the next of kin to order the records or be able to prove that he is now dead. Where did he live on leaving the army? Its just possible that if you can track down his grave you maybe able to get a photo of it through a website called 'Random acts of kindness'. I'm not sure of the web address for that one but i used it a long time ago to get a copy of my Gt Gt Grandfathers wedding certificate and the people on there were most helpful.
    If you could post up the other photo if he's in uniform i will see if there are some sort of clues to his unit.

  3. st helena

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    Hi Mike,
    This Information has just come to me!:

    Pte George Stuart. (K67754)
    Enlisted with the Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regt).
    Transferred to The Calgary Highlanders (date not known).
    Acting Corporal, wounded 8 August 1944 near Tilly-la-Campagne, France.
    Cpl George Stuart (K67754) was wounded on the 8th of August, 1944. This would have occurred during Operation Totalize which as you note was the fighting South of Caen - in particular for The Calgary Highlanders, Bretteville-sur-Laize.

    Are there any Lists of men joining the Irish Fusiliers(Vancouver Regiment) ?? to find out any Info on George Stuart and his Army life and Transferr over to the "Calgary Highlanders" During WW2 Please?
    Thank You
    From St Helena.

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