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    I don't know if anybody would be interested in this ... but even if you don't want to participate ..... there are some great photos on here .... what a tale they seem to tell .... of particular interest to me are the German ones ... I've seen so few ... it's amazing to me to see that they belong to somebody's family - what a concept ! :eek:

    About The Great War Archive Flickr Group

    "The Great War Archive" was an initiative run by Oxford University between the 3rd March and the 30th June 2008.

    The aim of this initiative was to collect together digitised material related to the First World War held by members of the public. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we can no longer accept any formal contributions via the website, however to continue to provide you with the opportunity to share you First World War objects with the world we have set up this Flickr Group.

    This is your chance to contribute items you have, or stories your family have passed down, to help keep the memory alive of the sacrifices made during World War One.

    This Flickr group will be linked to from The Great War Archive which will be available free of charge via the Web on the 11th November 2008, the 90th anniversary of the Armistice. If we receive more funding to expand our initiative you will be invited to add you contributions to the archive.

    The Great War Archive is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committe (JISC) Digitisation Programme.

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