The French Seaplane Base in Guernsey

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    Guernsey newspapers of 1917-18 carry no mention of the fact that there was an active French seaplane base at the Castle Emplacement during that period. Davis (1) states that this was because of the "mild form of voluntary censorship instituted at the out break of the war". However Davis (1), in a series of articles written after the war, describes several visits by airships and seaplanes in 1916 and early 1917. These were the forerunners of the establishment of a seaplane base, agreed by the French and British governments but run by the Aviation Maritime Française.

    The stretch of water between Guernsey and England was the scene of much German submarine activity, so a convoy system had been introduced. Ships for English ports were formed into convoys west of the Scilly Isles and were escorted by British naval ships up the channel, travelling close to the English coast. Similarly, vessels for French ports assembled at Ushant and were escorted by French warships.

    The journey from Ushant to Calais can be made within sight of the French coast except for the portion between Tréguier, in Brittany, and Guernsey.
    There were already aviation centres in Cherbourg and Tréguier, and a station in Guernsey established a link between the two.
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