The evolution of military uniform.

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    As most of you know the uniform has been trough ages the Pride and distinction for armies across the globe. But as Technology in weaponry progressed they became more a liability than use for soldiers. American civil war pointing the future in this matter. Id like to hear your thoughts in the matter. I Humbly invite you all to participate.
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    Military uniforms are a fairly recent development regarding the length of military history, of armed conflict. To modern sensibilities we want to see standardized and uniformed soldiers, depersonalized perhaps, as members of a mighty force of intimidation. It is like the COPs at Ferguson, MO, recently -- they grew more oppresive as they became more military in uniform and tactics.

    And we are conditioned by what we see in movies -- it is easier for CGI effects and costumers alike if everyone is uniformed.

    But military uniforms do not become standarzied until the Seventeenth Century. During he English Civil War the combatants identified themselves with a common coloured sash; it was not uncommon to remove one's sash so as to be able to blend with the enemy soldiers on the field of battle, and thus avoid capture. In France, the Kings Musketeers and the Cardinals Guards were not in standard uniforms until something like 1645.

    But it is a curious sidenote that in the day of the conquest of India by the soldiers of King and Company it was thought by at least some of the natives that there was some sort of magick talismen to the scarlet coats of the British soldiers which made them almost invincible. The locals did not realize it was more due to the discipline and elan of the soldiers.

    Yes, Roman Legionaires were rather uniform, but they were not all RED in colour. Different regions had their different colour clothes.
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    Thank you for your thoughts on the matter, quite true except you overlooked Chinese empire. The early forming of so large amounts of resources allowed the Chinese field dressing and equipment that were no doubt the early examples of uniform far before same suit was followed elsewhere. Curiously the Terracotta soldiers fashioned after Emperor's personal guard have even been painted.

    Police has had uniform's for less longer period, down where i live "cops" are usually quite laid back and one of us. Dont know about Ferguson but ive heard the authorities generally becoming more like soldiers than lawmen they are supposed to be in result of war on drugs.

    Have heard of some police gone as far as knowing nothing about investigating crimes but handles tactical "breach" with his eyes closed.
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    Don't have anything to say about the uniforms but I thought you guys might be interested in pictures of the uniforms. One on military uniforms from the last 1,000 years around the world and the other on the US uniforms over the years, enjoy!

    (Album won't upload so I'll just post the link)
    Military uniform over the last 1,000 years

    American military Uniform
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    Circa 1970-71 the Persian Empire had a gala celebration of the 2500 year aniversary of its existance. They produced, among other things, a "march of time" of many of the military uniforms of the period. Alas, this was before the Internet and digetal photography, so images may be hard to find.

    I did find:
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    Nice one i instantly recognized the first picture from Shah's grand celebration. A french television documentary showed archive material of the grand Iranian military parade, quite interesting documentary.
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    Really enjoyed the pictures of United States military uniforms over the years. It's interesting to see how the look has evolved over the years. I think the Air Force has the coolest uniforms, personally.
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    I cannot remember who the comedian was, probably George Carlin or someone along that line, who made an entire monologue based on the Revolutionary War. One of the segments was about the two sides and the rules regarding uniforms and style of war fare. To paraphrase he said that according to the rules, the British had to wear red and stand or march in a straight line, while the colonists could opt to wear whatever suited them and shoot behind trees, boulders, or whatever cover they could find. It was funny at the time, but today's style of war is pretty much the same, but with the shoe on another foot. In my war (nam) enemy forces wore the same as civilians so the only difference between the two is which guy is shooting at you. We wore uniforms and were easy targets.
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    Indeed! You can see the change in war locations as well. It goes from revolution to land to jungle to dessert. Very interesting and it's fun to find and pick out the different uniforms that were used for different wars!

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