The effectiveness of body armor and helmet?

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    I deployed to OIF1,with antique Viet Nam era body armor,and was on a thin skinned vehicle.I would've welcomed some more modern armor.We had much better body armor on my last tour.
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    In the 1980's British troops in Northern Ireland started to get ceramic plates that fitted into the front and back of their "flak jackets" Tests showed that they would stop a typical AK47/M16 round. The plates only covered limited vital area's, but they worked.
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    I saw a Kevlar helmet at the 82nd Airborne Div. Museum at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA. This helmet showed an impacted slug from a combat (Grenada) situation, proving that the helmet saved the soldier's life. This was circa 1985.

    Perhaps the rifle which fire that slug was not at point-blank range of only 30 feet.

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