"The Complete Gettysburg Guide"

Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by Kate, Jun 13, 2014.

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    One of my favorite books is an hour-by-hour guide with maps... I've learned so much from this book! From the front cover, "Walking and Driving Tours of the Battlefield, Town, Cemeteries, Field Hospital Sites."

    I'm fortunate enough to have my copy signed by the author, J. David Petruzzi (maps and pictures in the book are by Steven Stanley.)

    The book is copyright 2009 and has a few more than 300 pages. I picked my copy up at Antietam but I assume that Amazon carries it... but I shouldn't assume so I'll go look. :p Hardcover is $25.94 and on Prime which isn't so bad considering the cover price is $39.95.

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