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    Men volunteered to leave home - their jobs - and their family to go to fight in 1914 - the start of the biggest war in British history ..... it was a war fought by soldiers - millions strong, most of whom had volunteered willingly to go.

    Why did the ordinary man go to France ? especially in the early years when Britain relied on the voluntary enlistment to fill the ranks ...... why would a man risk his life to defend places whose names he could barely pronounce ? they went to war willingly .... but so many of them didn't come home .....

    Theres a book called .... The British Working Class and Enthusiasm for War, 1914-1916
    By Senior Fellow David Silbey

    Expensive .... but a fascinating subject ...... ! why do you think your Granddad or your Great - granddad went ?

    Annie :)

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