The Brennan Boys - Avenue of Honour Booroopki Victoria

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    World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees) Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

    BRENNAN, Patrick
    Pte, 24th Battalion, AIF
    KIA 3 May 1917, Bullecourt, France
    Tree No 03, planted 28 August, 1918
    Tree Planter: Mr W Jones

    In Memory of
    5119, 24th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
    who died age 21
    on 03 May 1917
    Son of Matthew and Elizabeth Brennan (nee Bates). Born at Jallakin, Victoria.

    Remembered with honour

    BRENNAN, John
    Cpl 632, 13th Light Horse & 24th Battalion, AIF
    Tree No 04, planted 28 August, 1918
    Planter: Mrs C Wong

    BRENNAN, Charles
    Pte, 24th Battalion, AIF
    Tree No 05, planted 28 August, 1918
    Tree Planter: Mrs C Wong

    Privates P, J & C BRENNAN were the brothers Patrick, John & Charles BRENNAN who had trees commemorating their WW1 service abroad planted in the Booroopki Avenue of Honour. Parick and Charles appear to have been in the 24th Battalion and there was also a Cpl John BRENNAN in the 24th Battalion who enlisted 18/12/1914 and returned to Australia 26/9/1917. This was their elder brother John who was wounded when serving first with the 13th Light Horse Regt, and later with the 24th Battalion in France.

    The tree in honour of Patrick BRENNAN who was killed in action in 1917 was planted by Mr W JONES. The BRENNAN boys are members of the following family group:

    Matthew BRENNAN c1839-1915 & Elizabeth BATES 1855-1911

    The family of Matthew BRENNAN and Elizabeth BATES appears to be:

    John BRENNAN, b. 1885 Edenhope, Vic [Cpl 632, 13th Light Horse Regt, 24th Battalion, (wounded) AIF, Tree 04 Booroopki Avenue of Honour], 1923 living at Mountain View, Glenorchy, Vic. John BRENNAN married Margaret HEALY.
    Mary BRENNAN, b. 1886 Edenhope, married Edward O'KEEFE
    Ann BRENNAN, b. 1888 Edenhope, Vic, married John HAINES
    Elizabeth BRENNAN, b. 1890 Edenhope, Vic, married John Alexander Disher STEELE, both of whom died at Ouyen, Vic.
    Catherine Agnes BRENNAN, b. 1891 Edenhope, Vic, d. 1961 Kew, Vic
    Emma BRENNAN, b. 1894 Edenhope, Vic, d. 1961 Geelong, Vic.
    Charles BRENNAN, b. 1896, Edenhope, Vic, [Pte 4986, 24th Battalion, AIF, Tree 05 Booroopki Avenue of Honour]. He died in NSW.
    Patrick BRENNAN, b. 1896, Edenhope, Vic, [Pte 5119, 24th Battalion, AIF, KIA 3 May 1917, Bullecourt, France, Tree 03 Booroopki Avenue of Honour]

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