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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by Pamela Jo, Dec 16, 2006.

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    You make reference to a Mother Jones article regarding Ted Cruse's father. Can you tell me when this was published?

    It is scary how much information is there for the finding, and how it is suppressed or obscured by such Bullfeather disinformation. As an example, thousands of people can gather to vent their collective frustration but are ignored by the media, while a meeting of a few dozen right-wing wingnuts can get 24/7 coverage for days. So much of the media is owned by these oligarchs, as well as much of the people-control mechanisms.
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    Have you noticed how much off-topic SPAM has been posted here of late? I wonder if this is in reaction to our commentary regarding the T-party.

    It is amazing how the RW (right wing) has used shenanigans to try to control what should be an open forum. I recall how a couple were asked to leave a 'town hall' event when someone spotted a liberal sentiment BUMPER STICKER on their car. Other tactics seemed to come straight from an often cited but seldom actually read book: Mein Kampf. I have cited the repressive police tactics regarding the Occupy Movement. Or there was the case of police officers actually giving NARCOTICS to members of Occupy Minneapolis.

    Scary, kids!
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    Exactly My concern, although some of the spam I have noticed I think might be coming from India, or the U.S. There is a lot of spam going around the 'net nowadays, I hear that there is a company that pays folks to post links to work from home companies, and these companies have been known to hack personal email accounts so that they could spread their spam. There are historical precedents for what is happening, and then there is some new twist, telecommunications and the internet have accelerated things a bit, and that can indeed get scary.
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    IMEKathry is a Spam-bot. We have a problem. How do we contact the Administrator?
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    So are AbbieK44, and AnaBonett. What I have done is clicked the "contact us" icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and let them know. I don't know who the moderators are on this site, yet they seem to be slipping. Somebody might have hacked the site and made it hard to delete these spambots.
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    Sorry for letting the spam build up. I usually get a chance to attend to it each day, but have been on the road this week and hadn't had the chance. I used to have two moderators who helped me when I was away, but they stopped a few months back and I'm looking to find some new moderators to help out when I'm unavailable.
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