The best inventions of ww2.

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    What (in your opinion) is the best inventions of ww2.?:)
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    In my opinion it is, MP-40, STG-44, P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, atom bomb, M1 Garand,and MG-42.:D I forgot to add the s in inventions.
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    Pennicillin was discovered by Alexander Flemming on September 28 1928.
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    Dried Blood plasma!!!!

    Although Penicillin was discovered in 1928, it was not produced in quantity or used successfully until ww2.
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    Discovered certainly however he was never able to make it work and did not have anything further to do with it until after Australian Howard Florey and British-German Ernst Chain and their team of scientists discovered the method to "manufacture" Penicillin but did not have the facilities to manufacture sufficient quantities.

    They were also the first to test Penicillin successfully on human patients.

    The British government could not afford to manufacture Penicillin so Florey took it to the US for them to manufacture. He was a scientist and not interested in money so just gave it to the huge American Pharmaceutical manufacturer "Pfizer" who developed the process of Deep Tank Fermentation (similar to how they mass produced Citric Acid from molasses in WW1) who would have generated billions of $'s from its manufacture.

    There is a great amount of information on the internet that does not even mention Florey and Chain without who, many thousands of allied military personal would certainly have died of their wounds.

    History of WWII Medicine

    ACS Honors Pfizer for WWII Penicillin Innovation -- Occupational Health & Safety

    Pfizer by the way now spend $8.5 billion annually on Research and Development.

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    Greatest WWII Inventions

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    Best Invention WWII

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    I thought you meant the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and that this was an attempt at Lateral Thinking like mine with "Penicillin" (i.e. trying to be clever!)
  13. Actually, it was invented before WWII. It's ironic that Japan was producing more penicillin early on, because the US and UK had highly-developed industries producing sulfa drugs, which were the main disease fighting drug.

    As the war progressed, the capacity of the US and UK to produce penicillin grew enormously, as did the willingness for Allied doctors to use the drug. Yes, it was the wonder drug of the age, but it was around before the war. It took WWII to bring it into prominence, though.
  14. I think it is a toss-up between the A-Bomb and those German UFOs that are still in storage at Area 51. :D

    A-bomb. That's my final answer.
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    I go along with the Atom Bomb also.
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    Best Invention of WWII

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    How about Spam - sure fed a lot of people!!
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    I'm thinking on the lines of Radar,but that could have been ivented just before ww2 in 1935-1936?
    The jet Engines were really good invention during ww2 but it never took hold causeit was devoloped too late in the war or the war was too short.
    The English Rolls-Royce Engines were even a great invention of ww2.
    I don't think bombs are a great invention cause there is only one purpose for that invention and that is too kill and hurt people.
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    Interesting post.

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