The Auschwitz Album

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by David Layne, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. David Layne

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  2. liverpool annie

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    Those pictures are chilling David ! but thank you for posting !!

    And thank goodness for Yad Vashem for keeping the memories of those days stlll foremost in our minds

  3. james S

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    As books go it is an important one, photographically it describes one transport to Birkenau from getting of the on the ramp , selection , processing and stops just short of the gassing of those deemed unfit for work.
    The photos were taken by an SS officer and in recent years names have been put to some of the faces - the photos of people waiting in the Birchwood adjacent to gas chambers 4 and 5 are chilling.
    When you see the extent of the wire fencing built around Units 2 and 3 the very idea that they were simple morgues falls apart.
  4. John

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    What can one say after viewing this video. So much for the people who say it never happened.
    The world has not learned from what happen at Auschwitz as some countries are still killing people on a race hatred.
  5. james S

    james S New Member

    Unfortunately true.
    As a site Auschwitz - Birkenau is important as it developed from being a politically based camp to one which exterminated and provided slave labour - murder and exploitation the end profit of a racially driven / directed dictatorship.
    Within the perverted context of party values it was a reasonable way to progress , a benchmark which few have actually equalled given the industrial nature of the killings.

    Sadly the site will decay naturally and as those who expereinced live as an inmate pass away pseudo historians and scientests will seek to errode their memory and to negate what took place in the Reinhart camps and at Birkenau.

    The Auschwitz Album does provide a unique record of what took place on one day and for that reason alone it is worth seeing.
  6. Bald eagle

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    Real people who had their lives so cruelly taken away from them.
  7. Jeff

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    Thank you for posting, man. Very interesting, but those photos really shot chills down my spine, and made my neck hair stand up. very cool, though.

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