The AE1, the Royal Australian Navy’s first submarine

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    Just pie in the sky stuff, Cobber. What I was getting at re the Hunley was that the technology to stabilise and preserve the metal upon exposure to the air is there so similar techniques could be applied to Parramatta.

    About the only thing both Cerberus and Parramatta have going for them, besides being easily accessible, is that they are not war graves so any preservation would not disturb those lost.
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    Cool matey I know what you mean their are so many things I would love to be recovered or repaired, I know how easy it is to go to pie in the sky thinking. Alls Sweet mate.
    The Aussie Sub AE2 was sunk by her crew so she misses out on the war grave commission, I saw a TV show last week about AE2 and the team of experts who spent a week or so exploring and taking measurements of steel thickness and many other items with the ultimate objective to raise her, they have designed especial boat set up for raising her but they need close to 100 million Green backs for everything to go right. And they want to do it very properly no half arsed attempts, the best and most dedicated expert scientists and other specialists will be involved.
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    Ah, AE2, of course. Excellent.

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