The 10th - The Przemysl Regiment

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    The 10th - The Przemysl Regiment

    The Austrian Army was also know by the acronym kuk which stands for kaiserlich und königlich, German for Imperial and Royal, referring to the so-called "Dual Monarchy" of Austria-Hungary.

    The basic building block of the army was the regiment. Each regiment had a home garrison, a ceremonial name, as well as unique colors. While this post will deal with infantry regiments, they were by no means the only kinds of formations organized by the Austrians who had Cavalry, Artillery and Fortress regiments. Additionally, there were literally hundreds of specialty units at the battalion level - bridges, sappers, engineers, veterinary, medical, food, supply, religious, laundry, pay,…

    Regiments, which consisted of 4 battalions, were raised locally, which in the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, meant they were from everywhere. I do not know if Jews were put in a specific battalions but I do know that the Army had a designation for Feldrabbiner - literally "field Rabbi." They were joined by Feldkurats, Catholic, Greek and Protestant, as well as Militärimams for the Army's Muslims. Casualties were horrific, and no one was spared.

    The table below lists the four Regiments that were garrisoned in Przemysl just before the war. The Garrison column shows the home base of the Regiment's officers (Przemysl) and sub-garrisons of its battalions. The bold garrison indicates the area that the conscripted troops for the regiment came from. If you were a Jewish man living in Przemysl, you probably went into the 10th, the Gustav V. König von Schweden Regiment and wore a uniform with parrot-green facings and white buttons. If you were from Sanok, your facings would have been scarlet and your buttons yellow.

    Regiments were further organized into Brigades. The 10th belonged to the 48th Brigade. Brigades made up Divisions. All four regiments garrisoned in Przemysl were part of the 24th Division. Divisions were incorporated into Korps which in turn made up Armies. Korps and Armies were reconstituted as facts on the ground changed. On occasion, Divisions and Brigades were assigned to Groups - special Armies with specific missions usually named after the General or Field Marshall who commanded them.

    The 24th Galician Division (source data)

    Regiment Name Reg No. Brigade Garrisons/Recruits

    Graf Clerfayt 9th 47th Przemyśl, Stryj, Radymno
    Erzherzog Joseph Ferdinand 45th 47th Przemyśl, Travnik, Sanok
    Gustav V. König von Schweden 10th 48th Przemyśl, Bijeljina
    Philipp Herzog von Württemberg 77th 48th Przemyśl, Sambor, Tuzla

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