Thanksgiving and G. Washington

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    Everyone in the U.S. has pretty much heard about Abe Lincoln and his declaration of Thanksgiving, but only a few know that the 1st president of the U.S. George Washington had his views on the matter.
    On 03 Oct. 1789, just 13 years after the birth of our independence, George Washington declared that 26 Nov. 1789 be set aside for a day of Thanksgiving to God.

    I just thought, with all of the trouble that this country is in, we might need to go back 225 years and remind ourselves what the mindset of the people who fought for and founded this country was, and in my humble opinion, should be.

    May your Thanksgiving be one filled with those things you can be thankful for.
    I think I shall start with giving thanks for all of you who have been wonderful Militarian soul mates.
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    Have a good Thanksgiving! It is very interesting to see how the Founders looked at religion and how they participated or did not participate in it. Even though they established a secular government, it is critical to realize that it was also established within a heavily Christian society, and that society was pre-Second Great Awakening. Basically, that society is gone and it was gone before 1850.
    However, it is always interesting to look back at the Revolutionary era to see what they were thinking. It really shows why the concept that the past is a foreign country is so important to remember.

    Fortunately, the country is doing much better today than it was just six years ago. Hopefully, it will continue to improve despite both parties being unable to work together on our behalf instead of their own limited narrow self-interests.

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