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    It is my understanding that Thaddeus Kosciuzko is called the father of West Point because he was involved in the beginning of it's construction. I also read that he is called the Father of american artillery but I have no knowledge except that as an engineer he would have known something about the use of arty re the development and reduction of fortifications.
    BTW, do you know the proper spelling of the first two words in the Polish national anthem? It is also a tost we used to say when drinking vodka & pevaw(beer) sp? YMH & OS,
    Ben Newton,
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    Kosciuszko selected the site for the Continental fort, but had nothing to do with the founding of the Academy. He built the fortifications in 1778, but the Academy itself was not founded until 1802, when Congress passed enabling legislation.

    From Wikipedia (and keep in mind that Wikipedia is not entirely reliable in terms of accuracy): "In addition to various forts surrounding the area, a great chain was strung across the Hudson River in order to obstruct British ships attempting to navigate the river. Though never tested, the chain performed its purpose by preventing British movement up and down the river.

    General Washington considered West Point one of the most important positions on the continent. The high ground above a narrow "S" curve in the Hudson River enabled the Continental Army to control the vital river traffic. He felt that the British Army could have split the colonies in two if they gained control of this land. It was as commander of the fortifications at West Point that Benedict Arnold committed his infamous treason when he attempted to sell the fort to the British."

    Washington himself believed that we needed a military academy, but it took until Jefferson's presidency for it to be authorized and founded.

    As for the Polish national anthem, I fear I am less than no help.


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