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    I am doing some work as a history teacher in NSW, Australia. We are covering Kokoda and the Japanese bombing of Darwin. I am interested in both these events as well as Australia's involvement in the war in the Pacific. Can anyone help me here? I have plenty of information, but some personal recollections or advice on good research material would be gratefully appreciated.


    Dave Williamson
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    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum! There's a heck of a lot of knowledge here.

    First off, what books do you have at your fingertips?

    Spidge will most likely be of the most help as he has extensive networks and has travelled widely in the region.

    If you haven't come across this website yet, it will be a great help as it is full of information:
    It is a truly huge site and probably the best about Australians and Kiwis at war where the info is readily available to print etc. Be sure to ask the webmaster for permission to use the material. Even asking him some questions might be of some help as well.

    Where are you in NSW? Have you been to the Temora Aviation Museum? I believe they have some records including personal recollections from aircrew.

    There's an absolute tonne of information out there, particularly in book format. I can't think of a overview book of Australia's role in the Pacific at the moment.

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and we'll try to answer and point you towards more info.
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    Welcome Dave.

    Great to see an interest in our past, especially WW2.

    What class levels are you involved with? (Assists with the degree of content)

    Where is your school situated. Area will do if you do not want to be specific.
    (There may be some local content that is available)

    Many libraries around Australia have some good info on (VHS) like "The World at War" which has specific sections on the Pacific theatre.

    The Australian government websites are second to none in quality material.

    Let us know a generalised view of what you wish to cover for the rest of this semester and what you are planning to cover in a full year in 2008.

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    Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here and get the info that you need.
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    Welcome Dave,and enjoy!!!!!

    Have some info re, 16th Battalion AMF. in March 1943 "........arrived at camp on North Australia Road, 53 miles south of Darwin, which was to be their home for next 18 months. On the day they moved in, there was an air raid on a Beaufighter strip nearby, and Jap planes strafed the area, without however, causing any casualties. This was the first of twenty or thirty raids....." they went in 1944 to New Britain.

    Also info on 39th batt AMF they were involved Kokoda.

    can scan all info and send it if required.

    regards Richard
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    watcha Dave. Wish I could help but you now have spidge on side so you are sorted. :D
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    Hi Dave,

    Some sites that will give you an insight into the involvement of Australia in WW2.

    A short synopsis:

    A short overview and synopsis of the four services:

    I am presently involved in the collection of the headstones or memorial photos of the 10,835 RAAF deaths during ww2 (1939 - 1945). The burials are located in 1066 cemeteries in 65 countries.

    If you have any students who have family who may have died during ww2, we might be able to chase up a photo of their headstone.

    Also, depending on where your school is, we may be able to trace a local persons headstone for you. This may provide a better local content.


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    Hi davew,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find Andy and Spidge very knowledgable and helpful.

    You also mentioned that you will also be teaching about the effects of the war on mainland Australia, and a couple of links that you may find very useful are (if you haven't seen them already):



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