Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War)

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    I came across this Electronic Edition ...... lots of photos of young men going to WW1 plus more !

    North Carolina may well feel a strong thrill of pride when the noble enterprise of its men and women during the period of the great world conflict is rehearsed. The men were eager and willing to respond to Old Glory's call to arms and the women at home lost no time in busying themselves in things intended to lessen the suffering of those over-seas. The splendid manhood of the Old North State manifested itself time and again on the field of battle and on the high seas. How many times a North Carolinian's name went down into imperishable fame for deeds of valor and self sacrifice in behalf of the greatest cause of all time. The women at home, God bless them, spurred them on to high purpose, fired their souls with memories of their illustrious ancestors in the days of '64 and afforded them that warmth of love and trust and faith that kept them from doing not less than the best that was in them. Many of our women went overseas as nurses, and canteen workers, and one is sure that their very presence was a blessing to our men. At home in the great drives for humane institutions they surpassed themselves in the good they accomplished.

    Within the covers of this book are presented symposiums of many who gave of themselves and of their substance that the world might be made safe to live in and that the despots of Europe might be erased from the maps of the future generations. When one views the war in retrospection it is then that these sketches gain the significance that give them the place in every North Carolina home that they deserve. There is doubtless in this book mention of some loved one, set forth in all truthfulness, that gives him or her a little firmer hold on our heart.

    The following were active participants in the Great World War, as attested by the Army Service Records credited to them

    J. R. Graham. Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War)

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