Suez Maru Atrocity

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    I grew up knowing that one of my uncles (William Forbes Petrie Brodie) was killed when the ship he was being transported in (as a POW) was torpedoed by an American Submarine - the ship not being marked with an International Red Cross Flag.

    It was not until I undertook further research (5 years ago) that I learnt that he had gone done with the Suez Maru (detailed on his death certificate). I innocently googled 'Suez Maru' and discovered the real truth of the matter.
    I have Allan Jones' book and have searched on the internet - trying to discover as much as I can!

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to discover my uncle's POW record - I have a little RAF Service history but that's only 2 pages and doesn't give me any insight into POW history.
    I've heard that POW's were assigned capital letters A, B or C etc indicating their camp of origin - would this be contained in any POW records?

    Any help would be so appreciated - as you might imagine!!

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    Welcome to the forum Heather.

    Hopefully our POW expert will see your post and be able to assist you with some information.


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    I see you have a little about him on this site.

    Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore

    Please feel free to post it here if you wish.

    A very good looking young lad.


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