"Studley Constable" filmed WHERE ?

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by BC1, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Hi all:

    Recently (again) watched The Eagle Has Landed and I am curious. Does anyone know where the fictitious Norfolk village of "Studley Constable"scenes, where German paratroopers holed up in a church had a fire-fight with US Rangers, was shot ? And how they actually shot the scenes of destruction around the church ?

    TIA for any info.

  2. CXX

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    The majority of the film, set in the fictional village of Studley Constable, was filmed at Mapledurham in Oxfordshire and features the village church, Mapledurham Watermill and Mapledurham House. Mock buildings such as shops and a pub were constructed on site in Mapledurham while interiors were filmed at Twickenham Studios.

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    "The Eagle has Landed" is still one of my favourite ww2 films along with "Where Eagles Dare". Both of which are fictitious!
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    Eagle has Landed was written by Jack Higgins, with a follow up called The Eagle Has Flown. Wasn't that made into a film as well? He wrote some much better WW2 based novels too, as well as others based in the here and now.
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    I do not think the "The Eagle has Flown" was made into a movie.

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