Strange haven - a Jewish childhood in wartime Shanghai

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    After reading Kyt's post about the Jews in Shanghai I remembered this book ! .... I can't imagine having to go through what this family went through .... the awful stress and worry etc ....

    In the wake of Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938, Sigmund Tobias and his parents left their home in Berlin and made plans to flee a Germany that was becoming increasingly dangerous for them. Like many European Jews, they faced the impossibility of obtaining visas to enter any other country in Europe or almost anywhere else in the world.

    Strange haven: a Jewish childhood in ... - Google Book Search

    Strange haven - a Jewish childhood in wartime Shanghai
    By Sigmund Tobias
    Edition: illustrated
    Published by University of Illinois Press, 1999
    ISBN 0252024532, 9780252024535

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