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  1. raycarro

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    I have a wartime log from Stalag Luft III Sagan.It belonged to Fl/Lt. Henryk Skalski.
    RAF No. P-0156
    POW No. 3749

    He may have been there from 6/9/1943 to 28/10/1944 but it is unconfirmed.

    It has many watercolour drawings,Stamps and pictures of family members.

    I would be interested to know more about his service as part of the Airforce.The log was issued to British POW's by the YMCA.

    I also have some of his bottons from his uniform and some dress medals, eg 1939-45 Star,The France and Germany Star,WWII Medal and British Defence Medal. Dont know if they are his but possibally they are.

    Many other American,French and Australian Pow's left note's in the log with kind words for the owner.

    Any info would be much appreciated ..

  2. Kitty

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    The problem is whether Skalski survived the war or not. If he did then you will require the next of kins permission (if this isn't you) to apply for his service records as a starter.

    If he did NOT survive the war and instead died as a POW then you cann access his service records as part of research, but the waiting is very long as veterans applying for service records are taking priority.

    Once you have his records, and as for photocopies not the typed summary, then you can start tracing his squadrons, where he went etc and then contacting associations and accessing ORB's at the National Archives.

    The best I can suggest right now is to see if there is any information on him through POW associations, of which I know there is one.
  3. CXX

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    RAF Service Records

    Some time ago I telephoned RAF disclosures to ask them the rules regarding none next of kin applying for service records. They told me that none next of kin will not be issued with a full service record, but....If one applies for a service record and you are not next of kin then the rules are...

    If the subject has been dead under 25 years the record will list...

    Service number
    Place of birth
    Age on death
    Date of death
    Date of joining RAF
    Date of leaving RAF

    If the subject has been dead 25 years + the record will list the additional information

    Where served

    If anyone is interested I have the relevant application forms which I can post on here if required.
  4. spidge

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    Good info Peter.
  5. raycarro

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    Thank's for the good info guys..
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    Stalag Luft 111

    My Uncle was also a POW of Stalag Luft 111 around the end of 1942 and then Stalag 111A Olfag Luckenvalde. I tried to attach the opening page of his wartime log but the file is too large for the system. If you have an email I can send a PDF file of it.


  7. Cobber

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    From what i know; Medals that were offically awarded had the persons name etc engraved on the edge of said medal. If they donot have this then they are more than likely replicas abtained by his kin folk.
  8. spidge

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    Information I have from a friend who is quite an expert in this field, advises me that -


  9. raycarro

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    Stalag Luft III

    Thanks for your help guys..
    The medals are dress medals ie not full size so they don't have any markings.
  10. NickFenton

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    You want to get hold of his Liberation questionaire from Kew to start with. This will set you off.


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