"Spirit of the American Doughboy"

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    I was asked if I knew about a Doughboy lamp that was produced in the US in WW1 .... I had never heard of it .... so I got to searching .... and this is what I found ... has anybody else heard of them ??

    It was just a little table lamp in the form of a World War I "Doughboy", with a red poppy floral design shade. The title "Spirit of the American Doughboy" was embossed on the front of the base, and on the back of the base it said "Copyrighted by E.M. Viquesney, Sculptor, Americus, Georgia". It was highly detailed, with actual small-scale barbed wire looped around the two tree stumps on the base. It held a tiny rifle in its left hand, complete with bayonet, and a hand grenade in its upraised right, to which the light socket was attached.


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