Southern Claims

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Eliza, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Eliza

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    I find some of the Southern Claims petitions filed after the war for reimbursement incredibly interesting. I learned in just one file that Union soldiers occupied one of my great-grandfather's lands, took all his cattle and hogs, used his home and buildings for lumber and ran off with virtually everything he had. It was fascinating to read the inventory of items in his household, including kitchen items and corn for the horses.
  2. Vladimir

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    If I am correct, then the Southern Claims Commission reimbursed only the Union sympathizers who lived in the southern states. Did the Confederate sympathizers got any reimbursements?
  3. tripletaker

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    Yes, these claims were most likely true. If you read about Sherman's war, you'll see that the North swept into the south and basically destroyed everything in their path and robbed the civilians. It's basically employing total war in the South. When one commits war atrocities like this, its hard to forget and it creates grudges that will last for generations.

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