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    What "intelligence data"?
    What "many countries"?

    Did you read that part (exactly words = intelligence data from many countries) from Fox News? CNN? AP? Reuter?

    Just because an article online (or on newspaper, or someone said it on TV/radio) said "intelligence data from many countries", it is no more than just 5 words of "intelligence data from many countries". Until you see the actual data and verify its accuracy, it is no more than a "claim".
    I can write an article and post online say "Intelligence data from many countries show that aliens are about to invade the Earth". What is the difference between my "intelligence data from many countries" and the same words used by whatever press you saw it from? Nothing!

    The plane crashed near Russian border inside Ukraine. Just what radar systems and intelligence gathering methods do you think other countries have in this region?

    Yes. I have seen quite enough of how those media organizations in "developed countries" spin the truth to suit their purposes.

    And please don't use the words "conspiracy theory". It is usually a sad attempt to discredit whoever disagree with oneself. ;)
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    Ukraine: No "Western" Interest In Investigating MH17

    After all the propaganda about the downed MH17 flight, screams about alleged looting and demands of access to the site, one would have expected some serious attempts to immediately investigate the case.

    But hardly any are made:

    At the field in Ukraine where the exploded remnants landed, there are no guards and no recovery workers, no police officers and no investigators. Early Thursday evening, there were almost no people — just two curious 12-year-old girls looking at part of the tail of the Boeing 777.
    “There’s no one out here,” said Michael Bociurkiw, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, whose monitoring mission has been on the site every day since Friday. As for the arrival of international experts, “it’s not like our door is being broken down.”
    After the U.S. blustering "we have evidence" that Russia did it and then showing nothing of it - "just trust us" - the U.S. seems have lost all interests to really find out who's ammunition downed the plane. Russia had early on called for an international investigation and it was Russia alone so far which presented real evidence on the case. U.S. ships with very capable missile defense radars were in the Black Sea over the last weeks and likely have very detailed track records of every flight and missile launch up to several hundred of miles away. None of those have been made public. We can guess why.

    And those "looting" claims?

    There were a few new faces at the site on Thursday. Three Australian investigators worked in the field, joining three Malaysians. Before departing Thursday, the Malaysians said that they were surprised at the amount of access they had to the site and that they felt safe, Mr. Bociurkiw said.
    There have been widespread reports of looting, but Mr. Bociurkiw said his monitoring group, which has now spent more time at the site than any other, had not seen any. The Malaysians said they had seen valuables in the fields untouched, he noted, including a bottle of duty-free perfume, auto parts, backpacks full of belongings, a watch and some jewelry.

    Those claims of looting were false just as the claims of mishandling the remains of the victims were false.

    But the White House will not take back one any of those false claims. It continues its anti-Russia campaign is coming up with new claims for which again no facts are presented to back them up:

    American officials, citing military intelligence, including satellite images, warned that Russia appeared to be preparing to arm the rebels with more high-powered weaponry — including tanks and armored vehicles — than it had previously supplied. In Kiev, a military spokesman said that Ukrainian troops were coming under increased fire from the Russian side of the border and that the Ukrainian military had recently shot down three Russian surveillance drones. One was used to target a Ukrainian base near the town of Amvrosiivka, which then quickly came under heavy rocket attack, the spokesman said.
    Again these are just claims. Not one of the "satellite images" cited was presented.

    But the main stream propaganda continue to support such fall for such nonsense and market it so well that many drones believe it without a doubt.
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    What do you mean everyone else here, on the forum? Well, everyone has the right to their opinion, but we can't deny the facts, that area is controlled by the pro-Russians and this has to mean something.
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    :) I was talking about the pro-Russia statements. Sure it means something, Peninha... we're on the same side here.

    I was responding to the post that was questioning the intelligence that showed from where the missile was fired, media coverage, etc... as if all the media sources around the world were reporting lies or something. I didn't agree with that... and yes, that was definitely my opinion. :cool:
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