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Discussion in 'Your Collectibles' started by martinww2, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. martinww2

    martinww2 New Member

    Some new pictures of my Holiday in the Ardenn
    Batlle of the Bulge
    Check my Albums on my profile..

    Greetz Martin
  2. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Very interesting, thanks.

    But the picture labelled "Russian tank at Poteau, Belgium", is surely some kind of Self-Propelled Gun rather than a tank? Is it actually a German Hetzer; after all what would a Russian tank be doing in Belgium?
  3. martinww2

    martinww2 New Member


    I looked it up and it is a russian SU 100-1944.
    The owner of the museum get it to Belgium for display.
  4. RcNu

    RcNu Member

    I didn't see any album on your Militarian profile, but I did see your facebook page. Very Cool man. I liked and favorited it.

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