Skoda M1909 machine gun

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    The Skoda M1909 is a Machine gun of Austro-Hungarian origin and was manufactured by the Skoda works in Pilsen. Although it was unable to compete with the more reliable Schwarzlose m/07, it was used in the same period, albeit mostly with reserve and home guard battalions within the Austro-Hungarian armed forces.

    The M1909 is a delayed-blowback water cooled belt fed medium machine gun, chambered in the 8x56mm round. It is a derivative of the Maxim gun but with the belt feeding upwards.
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    Ok, my WW2 infuences and WW1 ignorances are going to come striaght out here, but.....

    How does that work?

    ah, I was about to compare it to a ww2 one, but I wont, (note to lee: its ww1, its ww1, its ww1, its ww1)

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