Sir Julian Byng

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    Julian Hedworth George Byng (1862-1935) was born at Wrotham Park on 11 September 1862. After studying at Eton Byng began a military career He joined the British Army and as a member of the 10th Hussars served in the Sudan (1884) and the Boer War (1899-1901). On the outbreak of the First World War Byng was placed in command of the 3rd Cavalry Division of British Expeditionary Force. He led his troops at Gallipoli (1915) and organised the successful withdrawal from Sulva Bay.

    Byng fought at Arras and his forces captured Vimy Ridge in April 1917. As commander of the 3rd Army he organised the first large-scale tank attack at Cambrai in November 1917. His growing reputation was enhanced during the victories he achieved on the Western Front in the autumn of 1918.

    Rewarded with a peerage Byng served as Governor-General of Canada (1921-26) and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (1928-31). Sir Julian Byng died in 1935.

    Byng was an unassuming man and was well liked. A talented field commander, Byng had a casual attitude about things like uniforms and salutes, but he was meticulous about planning, training and discipline. His men called themselves "the Byng Boys" after a music hall review "The Bing Boys are Here," which was playing in London in 1916.

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