Silly facts about WW1 which are now a way of life ...

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Jack Rouse, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Jack Rouse

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    It's funny how new words catch on, and one of the parts I like about WW1 is how everyday things we accept now, came about because of WW1.

    When soldiers were sent back for a rest from the front line trenches, they could often be seen sat in circles talking, and repairing their uniforms, particularly picking out the lice with a pin, the French used to say they were "chatting" when doing this, however the Soldiers thought the French meant they were talking, and that is why nowadays we say "we are chatting" or having "a chat" I kid you not.

    Does anyone know anymore ?
  2. Kate

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    The word camouflage started being used during WWI. The French word is camoufler and means disguise. Italian is camuffare with a meaning of deceive.

    I had no idea that lice were called chats... thank you for my "learn something new every day" lesson for today!
  3. Jack Rouse

    Jack Rouse Member

    Heres another I remarked on in another thread, present day spades, forks and shovels evolved from trench digging in WW1, prior to the war these all came with long handles like pitchforks and farm rakes, however they were too long and wieldy to use in the trenches, plus the soldiers were easy targets for snipers, so they cut them down to a better size for use when kneeling down, that is why garden spades, forks etc have the length of handle they do, in fact it is only now that what we call an "Irish Shovel" is coming back into favour.

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