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Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by liverpool annie, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. liverpool annie

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    There's a few people on here who love signed books ... can't say I'm really into them myself but I do have two that are very special to me .... ( although they are Boer War !! :rolleyes: )

    And of course they have to do with the South Lancs !! :D

    Records of the 3rd Battalion South Lancashire Regiment .... ( which really is just a short history of the Battalion including some chapters in South Africa ..... ) but whats really the clincher is it was signed by

    GH Bell 10.7.1909 !! it's nearly a hundred years old !!

    And then .... TADA ......... !!

    I have Oakeley's War 1899 - 1902 .... written by Rowland Oakeley - the son of Edward Francis Oakeley

    He was one of my officers on my Honour Roll and I was just thrilled to get it ..... Rowland's son was in contact with me and suggested I may like to read his Dad's book ...... ( well ..... is the Pope Catholic ??? )

    So they are my most " prized possession " books

    What are yours ??

    Annie :)

    PS .... I do have another special one ..... written by my wonderful friend ( and signed !! ) who loved helicopters !! :D
  2. Andy Pay

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    I can't say that signed books really do anything for me, more interested in the contents but I do have a few in my library that are signed. The one that I am fond of is "From Verse to Worse" by Lionel Lord Tennyson signed by Lord Tennyson himself, presented to another Rifle Brigade officer.


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