Sidney Stewart Hume and the Ham Common murder

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    There are so many tragic stories but I think this one is especially tragic ..... for both the victim and the perpetrator !

    Sidney Hume was convicted of The Ham Common (near Richmond Surrey) murder in 1919. This is a tragic tale of a man disturbed with mental anguish. Who knows what went on when he was shot down on that fateful day in France on the 27 May 1917 whilst flying Sopwith Pup A7340. Like many of his contempraries he had served with the Army at the front, but in Humes case it was not France but Mundros. He then elected to join the flying corps, this would lead to the fateful day when he killed Aldridge. He might have been tried for murder and been hanged, but instead he was to spend the rest of his long life in mental institutions.
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    This is really fascinating to me .... I've heard of these ...... !

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    Pvt 87384 Robert Aldridge was serving with 35 Company (Milbank) R.A.M.C. He was 38 years old .... he is buried Reading Cemetery (Wokingham Road).

    In Memory of

    87384, 35th Coy. (Millbank), Royal Army Medical Corps
    who died age 38
    on 30 November 1918
    Husband of Matilda Aldridge of 2 Sherman Place, Sherman Road, Reading.

    Remembered with honour

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    Heres a bit extra ...


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