Should Lincoln Have Had Higher Security?

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by cameronpalte, Aug 7, 2012.

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    These days, the president has several people giving it a high security protection. They have deep earth bunkers deep under the white house with control systems for nuclear missiles and the bunker is capable of standing the impact of a nuclear bomb. Very few other people have this protection in the United States, yet interestingly enough, it's our tax money that goes to protect the president.

    However ignoring my rant, with that being said, do you guys think that President Lincoln should of had some higher security or protection. If they had surrounded the theater with security and if he had had a few body guards around him, he probably wouldn't of died, and in my opinion if he hadn't died, the reconstruction would of worked a lot better.
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    I don't know what the government was thinking back then. For the man who was supposed to be the leader go to out without surrounded by security.

    Yes, they should have had more guards posted around him, as well as right outside the room where he was shot. On the top of that, if I were in charge of security, I would have posted more guards at all entrances checking all people before allow them to go in. I would have also checked the entire building multiple times before allow Lincoln to go in there.

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