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    Hello all, nice to be here. Apart form introductions, am not sure where to post my query to see if anyone can help. Here goes then.
    My paternal grandfather was born in 1900, Thomas Arthur Gilman. I have a photo of him as a young man wearing a uniform of some description, and I would love to find out more about that.
    He lived in Buxton, Derbyshire and would have signed up at the end of the first world war, unless he told fibs about his age and joined up much sooner. Perhaps he joined up and was part of the Home Defence. He would have been 18 in 1918
    I am keen for any info about what would happen to a young man such as Thomas, in uniform. Would he have been in a training camp? The Sherwood Foresters were connected to Buxton.
    Sorry, not much to go on
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    Thanks for replying Alexander. I will look at both these links ......

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