Sherfy Barn Fire Deadly to Soldiers

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    After the clash at Gettysburg's Peach Orchard on July 2, 1863, some wounded Union soldiers found refuge in the Joseph Sherfy barn along Emmitsburg Road. They must have been so glad to find shelter.

    The feeling of being sheltered was short-lived, though. Either later that day or the following morning (there are conflicting reports), a shell burst on the roof and caught the timbers on fire. Sadly the wounded soldiers in the barn burned to death. :(

    There were two regiments involved... some Zouave soldiers from 114th PA and there were also soldiers from 57th PA.

    I always think of this when passing the Sherfy barn. The reconstructed barn that stands today is a different style than it was in 1863, but the feeling of tragedy remains on the grounds.

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