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Discussion in 'Your Collectibles' started by sgt petts, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Hi :)

    I have a Black Shadow Box, 20 1/2" x 20 1/2" Square.

    I want to put in it, a photo of my great grandad, his 3 medals, (full size and mini's) his cap badge, his shoulder titles, repo Death plaque, and Lanyard if I can find one somewhere :noidea:

    He was with the ROYAL ENGINEERS. What I need help with is what shall I use as a backing, to stick/pin the medals etc... to?

    I have a great one, a smaller version, with Black Watch Tartan, and the Black Watch Hackle, with the four Scottish cap badges for his four brothers, but even though he was a Scot, not sure Black Watch Tartan would be the correct thing to put with his R.E COLLECTION.


    sgt petts
  2. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    OK, not entirely sure what a shadow box is, but i can help with the pin thing.

    Get thee to a very good craft shop/store etc. You may need to visit a lot, and haberdashers if you can. You want the very dense foam like you find in jewellery boxes. Then you cover that in whichever fabric you choose, using a fabric glue, again from craft shops etc.
    This foam, depending on its thickness, will mean you can either pin right through, part of the way through or just stick the pins in without fastening.
    Also you'll probably be best advised to acquire a medal pin to keep them all together, which can easily be bought online for full sized and miniature medals.
    As to the Lanyard, what precisely are you looking for?
  3. sniper

    sniper Active Member


    You can get a lanyard from the Royal Engineers shop at this link.


    As for the backing why not use the Royal Engineers colours or at least a copy of them?

    Sniper :peep:
  4. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Thanks Kitty,
    A Shadow Box, is just like a deep set photo frame, about 3inch in depth.
    Thanks for the tip with the pin's.

    I am trying to find a white Lanyard, at least that's what it looks like in the photo, or is it gold?
    But it's not blue.
    Any idea where I can get the R.E colours from?
  5. sniper

    sniper Active Member


    Your right about the colour of the Lanyard, its either white or off white, they must of changed the colour since the end of WW1. It is now Blue.

    For the Corps Colours i would try their museum shop, they maybe able to help you with that, website address is

    Royal Engineers Museum and Library - Museum Shop page

    If you wish to see the colours to see if they would match in with what you are trying to achieve,

    Royal Engineers Museum and Library - History Section - Corps Traditions page

    Hope this helps, if i can help further please do not hesitate to ask.

    Sniper :peep:
  6. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Thanks Sniper,
    Dad and I keep meaning to visit the museum, and the London Irish which is just a bus ride from me.

    Think I'll go next month, when the weather is kinder, lol

    My son wants to join Army Cadets, and I want to check out the LIR as my grandad was with them.


    sgt petts
  7. sniper

    sniper Active Member

    Your more than welcome Sarge. Enjoy your trip when you get round to it. The museum should also be able to help you with all your research into your Gt Grandfather.

    Your son will have a ball in cadets. I used to be a Platoon Leader down in Somerset. They have some awesome camps to use. When you check out the unit see how many cadets go on a regular basis, that should tell you how good the unit is.

    I am now an instructor for the ATC which is also fun. They spend a lot more time on doing DOE and if they have a good parent airbase they will do a lot of flying.

    Anything else i can help you with all you have to do is ask, i'm always available to help a fellow member if i can.

    Sniper :peep:
  8. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Hi Sniper,

    I wish they allowed girls in when I was younger.

    We have three to check out, The London Irish (Camberwell)
    London Scottish (Westminster) And Royal Green Jackets.

    We are trying to re locate to Devon though.

    Thank you for you help.

    sgt petts

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