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Discussion in 'Your Collectibles' started by sgt petts, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. sgt petts

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    Here are some more photos of my grandad, Co Sgt Major Petts
    Some are from 1935 pre WW2.
    He is only 21 and looks so young!!

    And one of the Nigerian Reg in WW2.

    Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.
    Oh how I wish I could ask him questions about these photos and the guys in them!!
  2. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    I love the first picture - very informal. And the two "dandies" in the kilts on the far right! The guy sitting down looks like he's just been told to keep his knees together :) Cheers SP
  3. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    And some more photo's

    More pic's
  4. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    And more photo's of my grandad.
    And his pals.
  5. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    And some more....
  6. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Last lot

    Ok here is a photo of grandad, not sure of date, but he looks much older and is dress uniform.

    Plus some photo's of uncle who was with the Navy, and spent time in Oz.

    Plus another uncle.. (all grandads brothers)
  7. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    Oops sorry there is the photo of grandad in his dress uniform.

    Plus I thought I would put some photo's of my great grandad, Sgt Petts father in WW1, with the other Tommies.
  8. sgt petts

    sgt petts Member

    He does, knees locked together.

    I have a photo of grandad somewhere in a saffron kilt, he must have been just poing because only the Pipers wore the Kilts.
    I love looking at these old photo's.
    I just wish I had as many for WW1.
  9. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Quite the amazing collection you have there, SP.

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