Sgt Maj Sir Jacob C Vouza MBE. GM

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    As far as I know that Sgt Maj Sir Jacob C Vouza, MBE. GM was the Only Sgt Maj in the USMC but never ever enlisted in the USMC, however helped in the first land battle victory (Aug 22nd '42) at the Battle of the Ilu River (oftenly called the Battle of the Crocodile's creek/Tenaru) of the US against Col Ichiki (performed Harakiri after the bloody battle) of the IJA which was the part of 28th Inf Reg, which had been in the waters off Midway, awaiting the 'move' to assult the beach to take Marines and then remain as garrison. This 28th acted as a part of the Japanese plan for retaking Henderson.
    Once he saved a marine pilot (by 18th I think) and for this a small US flag was given to him. When he was returning he had been captured by the Japs' patrol unit and when they discoverd the small 'flag', they took him straight to a native Jap petty officer Ishimoto for interrogation. Unable to 'empty his belly', Ishimoto ordered for special treatment! Vehemently they bayonated him for 'words'. Few hours later, captors thought he was dead and lefted the place leaving him in a pool of blood where he tied with a tree.
    Much later when Vouza returned into his half life, he chewed through the vine-ropes, crawled through three miles back to the Marines post and refused any aids untill he could report everything about the Japs and Warned them for the forth coming deadly Jap attack. At that time, Marines had only 10mins for preparation.
    '' I didn't tell them anything ,'' before taking to the nearby Lunga Airfield hospital, he told. He remained 12 days in the hospital and received 16 pints of blood. After that the Marines made him Chief Scout for the 2nd Raider Battalion 'Carlson's Raiders' which lasted for more 25 days.
    '' Tell them I love them all. Me old man now, and me no look good no more. But me never forget. '' ~ Vouza wrote to the1st Dv Asso USMC and wished to visit the State on and his wish had been carried out.
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