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    Good Evening,
    This is my first visit and i am looking for any information on SGT A T price who flew in a blenhiem which i believe was forced down by the germans, all 3 crew members were captured and spent the rest of the war in various pow camps.This is some information i currently have.
    Took off as part of a three aircraft flight to escort Secret Force Chariot. The flight was sighted by a He111 and broke off to attack but were unable to engage. At 16:45 hrs they reported flying over a dummy aerodrome 5 miles east of Crozon containing 20 to 25 He111 held up with wooden props. As P/254 and K/254 passed over the Goulet de Brest they saw six large barges anchored and protected by underwater netting, K/254 broke away and was last seen heading south. P/254 returned to base via Ushant despite receiving hits on the starboard wing, rudder, port elevator and trimming tab from flak.

    F/Sgt A G Parnell
    Sgt H J S Mullineaux
    Sgt A T Price
    I would be grateful if there was any other information available.
    Best Regards David
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    Welcome to the forum 8th Hussars. Could you give me the date on this incident and i will check the records i have and hopefully i'll be able to add some imformation to what you have already. Please do join in with the rest of the forum, we are a friendly bunch here and try to help on another and everyone else who comes our way. I look forward to being able to help you if possible.

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    Sgt a t price raf pow

    Good Morning,
    Thank you very much for your reply this is a bit more information i hope it helps.
    He was 254 Squadron Costal Command,
    On 28th March 1942 the plane he was in Blenheim QY-K Z6103 landed close to Brest in Occupied France,either with mechanical problems or possibly a "Pick up / Drop off"
    The Crew Sgnts PARNELL,PRICE & MULLINEAUX were all captured by the Germans.The plane wasn't burnt out by the crew as it should have been if it was a forced landing meaning they were either captured immediatly on landing or taken unawares,

    Regards David
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    Hi David,

    I will check my reference books on the weekend and see what i can come up with for you. Do you have later research on Sgt Price, as in what POW camps he was in etc?

    Sniper [ Mike ]
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    Sgt arthur thomas price raf pow

    Good evening Mike,
    Again my sincere thanks for all your help having read his debrief papers it states that he spent time in stalag 344 & v1111b and stalag txa if that helps, this is also confirmed as i have 210 letters sent from him to home duing 1942/45. I also have a photo album containing numerous pictures both personal and at the camps doing everything from sports to general things, all his original telegrams informing his family as to being captured and inprisoned by the germans a personal written diary written during the years of his internment and his service blue book. Should it help also his service number was 993203 PWO No 24810.
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    Welcome to the forum hussars, I assume you have the service records and also medals of the individual involved. Would you like to ppst some of the photos to the forum? We may be able to give you a bit more info from the images.
  7. 8thhussars

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    Sgt a t price pow ww2

    Some of the pictures i have sorry about the quality.
    Regards David

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  8. 8thhussars

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    I wandered if you were able to find any information thank you.
  9. Kitty

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    I'll give him a kick to check his books :D

    Very nice photos there, any information on what they are and when?
  10. 8thhussars

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    Sgt arthur thomas price raf pow

    Good Morning,
    Thank you very much for the reply much appreciated,the pictures i have are all original and greatly number far more than shown. I have been a war medal collector for some 40 years and was blessed enough to come across sgt price's items which were over 200 letters from him from stalag v111b and others a very large picture album containing allsorts of pictures from his time captured to his wedding in late 1945.
    All the telegrams from the mod informing his family firstly missing and then captured and imprisoned by the germans, he also kept a private diary which i also have and makes me feel very proud to own these items after reading it and the large amount of letters.I became more blessed when a couple of months later i was able to find his service book and more pictures of him and his debriefing papers from MI6,thank you to all who have helped.
    Regards David
  11. Kitty

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    hi david,

    How did you come across these papers? Were they in a sale or given to you by his family?
  12. 8thhussars

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    Sgt arthur thomas price pow

    Good Morning,
    The items belonging to Sgt price came to me through a local dealer who had purchased them on a car boot of all places, his service book and other pictures came from a private collector who had also purchased them from the same seller who had obviously split the collection.He came across me purely by chance mentioning all the items i had and was kind enough to offer them to me so that the collection was back together were it should be and will remain so. late in 1945 Sgt price married into a very wealthy local family and soon my local paper are going to run a story for me because in the pictures in the album are 2 children about 6 at a local beauty spot here in north wales were i live i am hoping they may be still be local and alive as they can only be in their late 60s.Thank you for your continued interest.
    Regards David
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    Just found this site.Wow, what a surprise.I can´t believe it..but I also have some letters from a Sgt.Arthur Price ..when he was a pow..could they be from the same soldier? A long shot, I guess.Can you give me any information about your soldier? Regards, Goldfish

    AMPRICE New Member


    I thought I'd update this thread with a little more information. As I am a close and direct relative of Mr. A T Price.

    The items mentioned in this post, and others, are items of tremendous sentimental value to his two children, who are the two mentioned in an earlier post.

    These items were taken from his home after his death, without the family's consent.

    I must state that the current owner of these items bought them in good faith, and has even met with Mr Price's children, after answering a letter published in a local paper. The owner did initially agreeing to return these items, but has then changed his mind.

    I would love these cherished items to be returned to the family, so Mr. Price's memory can live on in his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as they were intended.

    He was a wonderful person, and is still missed dearly.

  15. 8thhussars

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    Sorry i have been very ill since last december and have not seen the message untill today,Sgt Arthur thomas Price was A pow in stalag 344 viiib lamsdorf from 42/45 service number was RAF 993203 PWO No 24810 please let me know if this is indeed the same man.
    Regards David ................
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    I read with a great interest your thread about Blenheim Z6103 and crew. I’m much involved in WWII aircraft losses in north-west Brittany, Finistère department, France, since a number of years. But until today, nothing allowed us to relate this plane to any known crash site whose plane is still not known.
    With this research you made David, or the information you may have directly learnt, Amprice, may anyone give some light to the place of capture, the way they left the plane (crashlanding, or bailing out). I would be very interested to know if we have to consider this loss in this area of France or not.

    Best regards
  17. 8thhussars

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    Hello Gildas,
    Thank you for your interest the plane was forced down by the germans and landed near breste and the crew captured and interned for the duration, the actual plane was then repainted and marked up by the german's and used throughout the rest of the war by them. Hope this helps and all the very best.
    Regards David
  18. Gildas

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    Hello David,
    Thanks for your reply. But sometimes "close to Brest" isn't so close. So it could be this known picture of a Blenheim seen on a beach near little rocks. I do not know who holds this picture today. We suspect it could be more on the Crozon peninsula than "near Brest", but still have to prove on which beach it was. I do already have a Blenheim on a beach on this peninsula, near Crozon, but shot down, probably a by french coastal battery, and crashed on 18 June 40.
    Will have to keep in mind to inform you and Amprice if we do find !

    Best regards

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