Sepoy Khudadad Khan VC

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    RIP Brave Soldier

    Sepoy Khudadad Khan VC, 129th Battalion, Duke of Connaught’s Own Baluchi Regiment

    Khudadad Khan was born in the Punjab (now in Pakistan) in 1887. His family were Pathans who had moved to the Punjab from the North-West Frontier between India and Afghanistan. He joined the army as a sepoy or private soldier for the sake of regular pay and a chance of honour and glory.


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    He died March 8 1971 - aged 82
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    Well, as far as I can recall is the 129th Baluchis(7th Indian Brigade of Ferozpore) arrived France via Egypt by late Sept '14 to reinforce the exhausted BEF in France and Belgium.
    The better equipped Germans advancement at Nieupoort and Boulogne were in such a pace that they were about to cut the supply of logistics, which could have been devastating.
    When the Private Khudadad faced the Germans, they already outnumberd by five to one; severely facing shortage of hand grenades, the trenches were waterlogged! There the Baluchis were either pushed back or almost overrun except Khudadad's team, near Ypres.
    Badly injoured Khudadad however able to survive only he pretended to be dead and crawling back to HQ at night under the coverage of darkness.

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