Sarajevo Assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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    This year it's 100 years since the start of the WWI and since I live in Sarajevo I wanted to talk a bit about the Sarajevo Atentat how we like to call it. I suppose that most of you know what happend there but did you know that the assasinator Gavrilo Princip assasinated Archduke only by chance. The original assasinator was supposed to be a man named Nedeljko Čabrinović, he threw a grenade at the car of archduke, but the archduke pushed the grenade of the roof to the next car in line. And as the explosion happend all of the assasinators, there were 7 of them, left their positions, and only by chance did Gavrilo Princip after the archduke changed his route see the car approaching him and shot him and his wife Sophie. Quite an extrordinary play of chance that led the world into the First World War.

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