S/L Wallace Ivor Lashbrook MBE DFC AFC DFM

Discussion in 'Biographies' started by Antipodean Andy, Oct 6, 2008.

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    He's got to have been a good man if he hung out with T.E. Lawrence !! :):) ... now theres an interesting man !!
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    The order of precedent that you have listed is correct. The site implies that he received the DFC the DFM and the AFC for wartime service, in that order.

    In fact he received the DFM as a Sgt in 51 Squadron in 1941; the DFC as Squadron Leader in 102 Squadron in 1943; and, the AFC as Acting Squadron Leader in the 1945 Honours List.

    The DFC and AFC are said to be equal, except the AFC is not in the face of the enemy, and so is listed after a DFC. A non-commisioned airman's Medal, i.e. DFM, or AFM, is always listed after a Commissioned airman's Cross - except, I think, the CGM.

    And MBEs, OBE's etc take precedent over military awards. The author of that page has also confused the MBE (Member of the British Empire) with the British Empire Medal (BEM). The latter was a Meritorious Service medal, one which was not awarded to Lashbrook.
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    S/Ldr Lashbrook

    was that when 51 Sqn. were Coastal Command.

    The relevant report is No.1264 in WO208/3313 if anyone has any further interest. The following report was made by F/O. A.Martin of 102 Sqn who also was awarded the D.F.C.
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    No Brian, he would still have been in BC, 4 Group. 51 didn't join Coastal until early 1942, and that was only for a few months.
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    Thanks for that Kyt.
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    Thanks mate, the MBE threw me. I thought I could remember such an award taking precedence over all else but I wasn't sure.

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