Russian WW1 armoured cars

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    Hi, does anyone know anything about Russian WW1 armoured cars? I'm working on a memoir by General Syroboyarsky who, in 1915, commanded the 15th Machine Gun Armoured Car Section. He doesn't give much detail about them; mainly that they had two machine guns each and one had a six-pounder as well. And it sounds as though they had a turret or perhaps sponsons.

    The odd thing is that they apparently drove backwards into battle, while the driver looked in a mirror to see where he was going!

    "…our advance along the highway had been slow as the futile arrangement for steering our cars in reverse made progress difficult. The driver steered by the reflection in a small mirror fixed before his eyes but the mirror and any reflection there might be in it where barely visible now in the darkness, so that we were obliged to go more carefully than ever, being uncertain of the road and always wary of mines and other pitfalls."

    Any information would be gratefully received.


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