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  1. Interrogator#6

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    I just discovered what appears to be a recently made Russian TV series on the Great Patriotic War. I have seen only the first five minutes of the first episode but I am impressed. And it has Anglesie (English) subtitles. Good cinematography, apparently decent budget, good direction. Too early to evaluate the acting.

  2. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    I just finished the first episode. I was impressed. It was relatively higth quality throughout. But I found that my poor Russki skills not up to the task, and the subtitles sometimes came too fast, too briefly, so I was all too often pausing the action to read subtitles. Even so I recommend it. One thumbs up.

    The story concerns Russian soldiers who have been caught and 'turned' (employed) by the Germans, and also the Russian NKVD (political police, blue hats) who are to counter these sabatours. Of course there is a love story (NKVD Capt. & Nurse) and a rivalry (Senior LT. & Nurse). There are plenty of twists and turn even without the language difficulties, but still try it.
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    That sounds really interesting. I have not seen any recent Russian movies at all. I am definitely interested in their perspective, especially given recent events. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for recommending this. I will definitely watch this tonight. I will post my reviews as well here.

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