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    I know this is an old thread, but I think I may have picked up a leather version of this today!!

    I even have the bill of sale from Burberrys for it and all his purchases and repairs to his kit...

    Leather, x2 top straps, a single loose strap, and x2 "D" rings at the bottom sides. Sealed with x1 strap. Either that, or a form of officers haversack side...

    Just to make some of you jealous, it was packed with x16 trench maps, one marked "secret" and another French with ??German markings on...various paperwork, the Sam Browne, a personalised med pack, still with contents, a casualty card, the signal which "caused the wound", the piece of shrapnel that was removed, paper work , books, a 1917 almanac, a leave pass, and shed loads more...All belonging to one chap....Some of the maps are marked for a Lt in the 6th Beds, who appears to have been a relative, and KIA

    I'll pop a pic up later...Very interesting and currently undergoing some preservation work....
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    I suppose it was still 25 bob !! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Good to see you Scrim !!

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    Actually ...No...!

    As it was from Burberrys it cost him £1-2-6d on June 01 1916!

    Unfortunately, there are no markings on the thing that I have found as yet, and I'm waiting for the leather feed and polish to soak in...Same with his Sam Browne and the med pouch:- oh did I mention that there are x2 trench mirrors as well? One of them has a pigskin pouch and has also had a feed tonight ;)

    Total cost of replacement kit and repairs... £16-19-6d settled on 13 June 1916...In anticipation of the upcoming "big push" i expect that Burberrys wanted all accounts settled before 01 July for some reason....
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    Waterproof to a fashion !!!

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