Rolling Thunder... Missed It Again

Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by Kate, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    There are few things I've wanted to do in my life that I didn't just plan and do... Rolling Thunder is one of those things. I've been to D.C. and I've stood at the Wall, but never when I really wanted to be there... to be a part of the Rolling Thunder ceremonies.

    Have you been there? And if so, I'd love to hear what I'd be seeing and doing as I try to once again make it next May. I already know about the major things like the candlelight ceremony and wreath lying but what is done the rest of the time? Just visiting with each other?
  2. ami4041

    ami4041 New Member

    Never been there, but would love to. I remember seeing pics of the War Memorial in an old National Geographic back issue I found in my dad's office years ago...I remember being struck by the simplicity of the design, and just how well it caused emotion to well up, even though I live on the other side of the globe, and am from a country that was almost completely unaffected by the war.
  3. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    For me it's usually just a matter of forgetting about it until it's too late. The distance isn't really that far, and I could be in D.C. in a few hours.

    It would just be a matter of getting a hotel room so I could stay all day and I know it would be very memorable. Trouble is that it's always a matter of "Oh darn, I forgot Rolling Thunder again!" :(

    I need to email myself a reminder far ahead of time and keep in the inbox so I remember, I guess. That's pathetic how technology-driven we've all become, isn't it?! :rolleyes:

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