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  1. Rodney Iddles

    Rodney Iddles New Member

    I am pleased to have come across this forum just by chance. My interests lie with ww2 the Pacific campaigns ,Africa and the Middle East where the 7th Division Engineers served . I have been the President of the 7th Division Engineers Association for the past year which has been running since the 1950's . It is now run by Decendent's of the galant men that where the 7th Division Engineers . We are a non profit orginisation whose sole purpose is to keep these heroic men's familie's in contact and keep there legacy going for many years to come.In the last year we have managed to get a wonderful dedication for the men put in at the memorial walkway at North Fort Manly NSW Australia. I have alot of personal diary counts from men who served which I think I could contribute to the forum and many other storie's and photo's to share . I will be looking forward to corresponding with your member's
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    Welcome to our forum!
  3. Rodney Iddles

    Rodney Iddles New Member

    Thank you for the Welcome note glad to be a part of it
  4. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Hi you there.Me also a new member and almost keenly interested in ww2,kindly share yours in this good forum.
  5. Rodney Iddles

    Rodney Iddles New Member

    I gather you are of Japanese decent would this be correct ?
    My Grandfathers units where the first in last out in Kokoda against the japanese forces. Many a great story was told to me as a teenager by him of their war efforts. What is it you would like to know I have alot of information on all there other campaigns which are listed in my picture on our wonderful banner we carry each anzac day and any special events that we hold for the vetrans in Australia ! I look forward to hearing more from you
  6. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Well, I really feel good to share my views, information etc...... Thanks a lot for your reply.

    You know I personally interested to study WW2 ... whether its in Pacific or in Africa or in Europe.

    Unlike you,I'm inadequate to serve such an important rank.No matter still I keeps interests specially for Ausy-engineers done in Africa.My uncle(Retd.Major)told me alot about Yours' capability,specially in Africa, during WW2.Once my Dad served for Garrison Engineers(at his early service).

    Many of my school-mates been served in army and air force.

    In coming days,expecting some stories of Their Valiant Efforts..I remain thankful to thee.

    You may go through my threads if you get time.
  7. Rodney Iddles

    Rodney Iddles New Member

    No worries at all. My Grandfather and his fellow soldier's where all dubbed the Sappers of the silent Seventh if your Uncle knows of them he would know of this name .They went through the best part of there service with no recognition in the papers at the time for there efforts and had no recognition up until the last 15 years !
    I will sit down tommorrow and start going through some of the original copies of the Purple Diamond which is a newsletter / magazine that the boys have printed for years and we the decendents keep going ,I only had the box sent to me last week ,4 a year all the way back to 1956 full of personall stories from the lads .It should be some great reading there !!

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